Adult Fitness & Dance Classes

adult & fitness dance classes

Blue Moon Dancesport offers the widest variety of adult dance and fitness programs in the area. From Ballroom to Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Cardio Fitness – we’ve got something for everyone! Unlike the gym and other wellness centers, there is no membership fee required. Our pricing is affordable and students can receive great discounts for taking multiple classes. We also offer an adult dance team for those who like to perform! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and have our friendly and professional instructors get you up and moving!

Adult Dance & Fitness Classes

Season 2018-2019

Get in touch with your feminine energy with this fun and exotic form of exercise – bellydance! Join Naga for a unique fusion of classic Egyptian cabaret, Spanish/Arab, American Tribal, and traditional Turkish bellydancing that will have you burning calories while looking fabulous. Movements taught will not only make you look and feel sexy, but also tone abs and arms in the process. At the end of each class, dancers will learn energizing choreography designed to get you moving and showing off those beautiful curves.

1 Class • $20 per person
8 Classes • $130 per person

Mondays • 8-9pm starting September 26th 2018 (register now) limited to 20 students

Line Dancing is a popular activity at nightclubs and weddings, and it is an excellent way to stay in shape no matter what your age. This class will teach you a variety of popular line dances including party hits like the Wild Wild West, Cupid Shuffle, Uptown Funk, Kung Fu Fighting, and many more. We play music from all the genres including Country, Top 40, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Latin, Funk, and Soul. Bring your friends and have a blast dancing!

1 Class • $20 per person
8 Classes • $130 per person

Wednesdays • 7-8pm starting September 27th 2018 (Eagle Dance Academy) limited to 20 students

Thursdays • 7-8pm starting September 27th 2018 (Exton) limited to 20 students

Barre Fitness is an invigorating, one-hour class combining ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility training using a ballet barre. This total body conditioning technique has been toning and shaping celebrity bodies for over 50 years, and offers studentsan intense workout, guaranteed to transform and sculpt the entire body. Classes are choreographed to the hottest music in a fun, supportive and high-energy environment.

Zumba involves dance & aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue & mambo. Zumba is one of the fastest growing fitness crazes sweeping the world in over 180 countries.

Classical Ballet is known as a beautiful art form and is the foundation of all dance styles. With this class, students will learn a variety of ballet and lyrical dance techniques, floor combinations, and creative dance routines designed to increase flexibility and coordination, enhance rhythmic sensitivity, and heighten body awareness. Technique will be emphasized through floor combinations, barre and floor work, and jumps.


Yoga/Pilates is a flowing mind/body practice integrating yoga and pilates to increase strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing stress and improving endurance. All levels are welcome!



Pointe is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within pointe shoes. A ballet dancer is said to be en pointe when the dancer’s body is supported in this manner, and a fully extended vertical foot is said to be en pointe when touching the floor, even when not bearing weight. Pointe work is performed while wearing pointe shoes, which employ structural reinforcing to distribute the dancer’s weight load throughout the foot, thus reducing the load on the toes enough to enable the dancer to support all body weight on fully vertical feet.


Have you always wanted to learn how to tap dance? It’s easier than you think! In class, students will be taught step-by-step the basics of tap dancing including flaps, shuffles, digs, time steps, Buffalos and more. Students will also learn about musicality and how to perfect rhythms, as well as work on upbeat dance routines. Great way to meet new friends! Tap shoes required.

Learn the hottest hip hop moves and melt off the pounds with this fat-burning dance class that’s simply off the hook! In this course, you will work your way to that lean, sexy body you’ve always wanted with sizzling dance routines featuring the latest hip hop moves to incinerate calories and sculpt your entire body. This is the dance workout you’ve been waiting for and it is a ton of fun!

This class is a great way to get in shape, to stay in shape, or to just have fun! Every class begins with a full body stretch and warm-up period, followed by progressions, and stylized dance combinations. No prior dance experience required. All steps are taught with a variety of music styles and tempos including Pop, R&B, Broadway and Old School tracks.


Lyrical is a freer moving, expressive dance style that blends the controlled movements of ballet with the freedom, power, and dynamics of jazz dance. In class, students will learn lyrical technique, floor combinations, and creative dance routines designed to increase student flexibility and coordination, enhance rhythmic sensativity, and heighten body awareness.

Class Prices and Tuition:

8 week session: $130 adult

Private Lessons : $110 (1 hour), $65 (0.5 hour)

There is no refund for missed or unused classes, however you can make it up with a different class the same week or get a credit for private lesson.

To Register

Contact the studio to check class availability. Once confirmed, complete the Registration Form and call us or submit your payment to hold your space in class. Tuition is due one week prior to the start of class.